Hottest Couple


last month the Warriors Ahvenged Group started a Contest on Facebook and Twitter. We asked the Community who is in their opinion the hottest Couple. 

Last week the polls were closed and we could announce the Results.

On Facebook it’s:

Strider Lotu and Kaia Skyhawk Lotu

They received their own blog which you can find here

On Twitter the Winners are

@Zsadists_curse and @DehviousAngel

Their blog can be found here 

The Second Winners are 

@Angelic_Dean and @Cas_Winchester

They also received their blog which can be found here.

The other Winners are

@2014Dean and @Futurecastiel

* Picture will follow asap

@Qhuinn_BDBFM and @Blay_BDBFM 

@Misha_bt and @Atesiel_bt

@Cameo_Lords & @Torin_Lords
*Picture will follow asap
The Winners 3-5 received their own Tumblr. I will add the links as soon as possible.
Thanks again for the Participation. It was fun.
And to the winners – oncemore: Congratulations! You deserved it.
Marissa –

Open Roles

Since we have started almost 2 months ago, we are glad to welcome back a few Family members. But the Mansion is still empty and we are missing a lot of Key roles. These are the following:

Warriors/male Roles

– Rhage

– Zsadist

– Vishous

– Phury

– Rehvenge

– I’Am

– John

– Qhuinn

– Blaylock

– Manuel Mannello

– José de la Cruz

– Omega

– Lash


Shellans/female Roles

– Bella

– Cormia

– Ehlena

– Xhex

– Scribe Virgin

– No’One

– (maybe Nalla?)


We are also missing a few Lessers, especially Mr. X, Mr. O etc.


If you think YOU would be perfect for one of these Roles, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Twitter.

Just follow and DM @Mary_Ahvenged or @WarriorAhvenged

Thank you so much and see you soon.


Hello and welcome to our Blog. We are the Warriors Ahvenged, an unofficial Roleplay Group on Twitter and Facebook. 

On this blog you will find Informations about our Group, open and filled Roles, Announcements about upcoming Storylines etc. 

We are a non canon Black Dagger Brotherhood Roleplay Group, we have no affiliation to the Author J. R. Ward

If you are 18 or older, love the BDB books and would like to play a Character, feel free to contact us. 

We will be found on Twitter (@warriorahvenged or @Beth_Ahvenged) or on Facebook (Ehlena Ahvengedbdb or Marissa Ahvengedbdb). Or leave a comment below. We will contact you as soon as possible.